Doctor of the Year
Dr Dawn Edge, Longton Health Centre
Dr Andy Maddox, Bay Medical Group
Dr Danawata, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Dr Vicky Simpson, Wyre Medical Centre

Midwife/Midwifery Team of the Year
Lindsay Wall, Preston
Lynne Wignall and Gail Wilson, Royal Preston Hospital
Alison Leyland, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Rebecca White, Burnley General Hospital

Dental Practice of the Year
Dr Ali Altaf, Synergy Dental
Loulia Riga, Deepdale Dental Practice
Bay Dental Practice

Therapist of the Year
Charles Tisdall, Dacrelands Clinic, Lancaster
Sarah Moore, Royal Preston Hospital
Duang Roberts, Smooth as Silk

Unsung Hero
Pav Akhtar
Christine Heginbotham
Chloe Donerty, Dalton Cunliffe, Sasha Ronson, Alix Green
Delia Wilmott
Lynn Cornwell

Nurse of the Year
Susan Haslam, Highfield Surgery
Michael Lister, Whitegate Drive Health Centre
Jackie Tate, Royal Preston Hospital
Andrew Hunniset, Royal Preston Hospital

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award
Stuart Brown, Counselling in the Community
Katie Atherton, Royal Preston Hospital
Joanne Doherty, Doherty’s Destiny

Carer/Caring Team of the Year
Curantis Healthcare
Beverley Ramsden, Blackpool Carers Centre
Acute Medical Team, Royal Preston Hospital Ambulatory Team

Pharmacy of the Year
Grange Pharmacy, Blackpool
A&E Pharmacy Team, Royal Preston Hospital
Dalton Square Pharmacy, Lancaster

Health and Social Care Award
Marie Anderson, Sexual Assault Examination Centre
Sue Cartwright, Venturi Healthcare
Gemma Smith, Curantis Healthcare